Roadworks safety: the importance of traffic management

Traffic management may seem like a small part of any building, construction or roadworks project, but in reality, it’s a big task that requires significant planning. Traffic management is about keeping your workers, members of the public and the property safe – it shouldn’t be a last-minute addition to your project. This article explores what goes into traffic management, why it’s an important part of a project, and why you should enlist the help of Agile Services.

Whats involved in traffic management and why is it important?

Traffic management is so much more than someone standing around holding a ‘lollipop paddle’ – you need to comply to specific rules and regulations around traffic signage, how it should be configured and where each sign needs to be placed.

As a result, it’s essential to complete a Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS). A TGS is a visual representation of the traffic control devices that need to be implemented on your work site. It’s a major help in visualising your site and optimising it for traffic safety. Designed to work in tandem with a risk assessment, a TGS can help you know what your project will look like and how it will function.

The problem is, pre-planning takes time. Most projects have an internal and external timeline, from your business or client, and from VicRoads, which can put your project under pressure.

Why choose Agile Services to handle traffic management for your project?

Agile Services is the preferred traffic management supplier to a wide-range of organisations, from large multi-national companies through to small boutique builders. Here’s why so many businesses choose Agile:

Our excellent relationship with VicRoads (including pre-qualification)

With Agile Services being classed under the VicRoads pre-qualified scheme, we can help you implement traffic management works from day one. Our expertise can ease the entire process from insurance to permit access, giving you peace of mind.

Acting as an intermediary between your business and VicRoads, we can make the process quicker and easier for you, allowing you to focus solely on the project.

We help plan your traffic management

With Agile Services, you can be assured that the traffic management process is managed from end-to-end; we provide realistic expectations, helping you to better plan project timelines.

We can also help identify the potential risks in your project, giving solutions to alleviate these and future-proof your business for upcoming projects.

By using our key relationships – not only with VicRoads but also local councils and road authorities – we can help acquire the permits you need. This can help to speed up all stages of traffic management, without sacrificing safety.

Our industry-leading equipment and crew

We use the world’s best technology and equipment to make your traffic management operate at the highest possible level of efficiency and quality. All of our utes are equipped with technology to provide a seamless and user-friendly paperless system for reporting and management.

Led by Operations Manager Chris Brown, and Systems, People & Culture Manager Justin Bugg, our industry-leading team will provide you with the most effective traffic management operation possible.

To find out more about how Agile Services can help you with traffic management, discover more, or contact us today.